Friday, January 26, 2007


I was in A.C. Moore last night for almost 2 hours and came home with the firm decision we're going to make our own invitations. Or, rather, I will make the invitations. It's nutters to spend hundreds of dollars on something you can do yourself (and cuter/better) for a fraction of the cost.

I think a few things for this wedding will be made by yours truly. I have 7 months... That's enough time to put my crafty self to work! Personal touches are always better than something you buy from a catalog.


Anonymous said...

When my maid of honor was hosting my bridal shower, she and I wanted to coordinate our invitations so the bridal shower invitations would match my wedding theme and wedding invitations. We looked online and found a few places that had great bridal shower invitations and wedding invitations that could be personalized with our own wordings,, and All these sites had lots of sample wording ideas for bridal shower invitations and wedding invitations. They also had lots of holiday and Christmas themed invitations for bridal showers and weddings. We eventually purchased from, and we were very glad we did. Our guests really loved our custom invitations and wanted to know where we got them. I really recommend these sites for your bridal shower or wedding!

Dana Gillin said...


This is a great idea, to coordinate the shower invites with the wedding invites. Maggie, my matron of honor, ordered invitations to our wedding shower that coordinated with our dishes, actually. Dishes I've had for years and a pattern I truly love -- Pfaltzgraff's Naturewood. Then she went with a cooking/gardening theme for the favors and such. That she coordinated those things with something as personal as our dinnerware was really special, too.

A hint to the maids/matrons of honor out there: Make the pattern meaningful to the bride and groom. Whether that means tying it in with the wedding invitations or a theme from their lives, it'll be special to the couple.

Also, a lot of showers are planned without the input or even sometimes knowledge of the bride and/or groom. So coordinating with the wedding stationary could get tricky if you haven't helped the bride with this detail of the wedding planning.