Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So the current 802-page version of Brides magazine had a great idea... How about using your iPod for the reception music? It saves a few hundred dollars and you get exactly the songs you want played.

So that's what we're thinking of doing. Very 2007 of us, I believe. ;-) We just need a set of good speakers, which we can rent for a lot less than the cost of a band or a DJ. And we can set up a few different playlists -- one for cocktails, one for dinner, one for dancing, etc.

We'll have the playlists loaded onto both my Zen and Paul's iPod, because you just know one of them will break just as we hit the play button.

As for the ceremony, we're thinking, as we have been for a while, of having a bagpiper or two. We both come from Irish and Scotch-Irish decent, so it's appropriate. Plus, the wedding will be outdoors, so the sound of an instrument needs to carry. Nothing says "outdoor acoustics" better than a good bagpiper!

Note to PnD: Need MP3 player attendant to change playlists.

Tell us your stories about your great/horrible band or DJ or other creative music ideas!

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