Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let's go, girls!

So my side of the wedding party is already decided and (thankfully) all have accepted.

Matron of Honor: Maggie McClennan.

Maggie and I started our relationship purely professionally -- she was my boss (although she'll never admit it) at 101communications. I worked with her for only 10 months and have been best friends with her ever since. She's my rock and my shoulder to cry on, as well as being my most trusted confidant. I'm honored that she's agreed to be my right-hand lady and help me with my wedding. Maggie, our family is getting a bit bigger...

Bridesmaids: Leigha Cardwell and Liz McCurley.

Leigha, who lives in Tulsa, OK, and I had something special the first time we chatted. We worked together at TechTarget but found that we must have been sisters in a previous life because we understand each other more clearly and faster than any friend I've ever had. She's a dear, sweet soul who doesn't let the world make her frown, even though she's had a pretty hard path to walk. Leigha's my girl, plain and simple. She's been a large part of my relationship with Paul, confidants to us both, and I couldn't have this wedding in good conscience without her being a part of it.

Liz, who lives in Mohnton, PA, is one of the best parts of my family. I thank God that my brother Scott married her. She's down-to-earth and always has good advice for me when I need it (and sometimes when I don't!). Liz and I are more sisters than sisters-in-law, I've always thought, which is a good thing because I've always wanted a sister. In a lot of ways, we're similar people and in a lot of interesting ways, we're not (for one, she's way cooler than I am!). Whenever we see each other, there's almost never enough time to just sit and talk. Anyone who knows me knows how important my family is to me, and I'm honored that Liz has agreed to stand next to me on my wedding day, as she has since I entered my teenage years. I'm eternally grateful that Liz agreed to be my bridesmaid, as I was hers.

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