Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Proposal

Last Friday (Saturday?) at about midnight, I was face-down on the massage table in our master suite. Paul was massaging me with our new lavender vanilla massage oil (thanks, Jannine and Dad!) because I had a headache and massages tend to help them. We got the massage table a few weeks ago as a mutual anniversary present. We took a massage class a few months ago, so we know a bit about it.

Paul's had some practice lately, too... He likes giving me massages. Go fig. ;-)

So I'm face down and I ask Paul to just focus on my back and shoulders and neck. I'm trying my damndest to get rid of this headache... So he rubs my back and does some fancy shoulder work and then works on my right arm and my right hand (he gives the BEST hand massages!), goes back to my shoulders, plays with my neck, then goes down the left arm and works on the left hand. And as he's pulling on my fingers, like ya do, he slips on a ring.

I am silent. Breath completely taken away. We've been talking about this, but the latest timetable had been this coming spring. So January is a bit unexpected. I pull my hand to rest it on the arm rest so I can see it. I'm hoping it's "the" ring (story to come in my next post). And, of course, it is. My face is still in the headrest thingie. Paul kneels beside me and says in his sexiest voice, quiet and husky, "Will you marry me?" My reply, which I've had prepared for some time now: "It would be the greatest honor of my life to marry you." Followed up by the perfect, most romantic kiss.

Perfect sums it up pretty well, the whole experience.

A bit later, we get into bed and he asks me when I think I may want to get married. Of course, I'm still in a bit of shock, but I say I've always kind of wanted a spring or summer wedding. So maybe next year? He says, "Not sooner?" I say, "What did you have in mind?" He says, "How about this fall?" So we compromised and decided on this September. If you do the math, which I know you've already done, that gives us a bit over 7 months to plan the wedding. Play ball!

Tell us your proposal story!

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