Friday, March 30, 2007

Let me make your Save the Date magnets

I see from traffic analysis that someone searched on "save the date magnets" and found this blog. If you're shopping around for your own wedding and looking into a place to make these little trinkets, I can do it for you.

If you like our Save the Dates (pic below), feel free to email me. We can design your magnets to your wedding's theme and/or colors. We can even add a picture of you and your sweetie. The magnets measure 2"x3.5" and stick to any fridge (or other metallic surface). (We can talk about alternate pricing if you'd rather have larger magnets or if you need more than 300.)

Compare these prices to or (Or Google other vendors, too.) (HINT: Mine are cheaper and the designs are more flexible.)

I'll send you proofs and won't print a thing until you're satisfied with the design and wording. I can send the proof to you 2 business days after you place an order and have the magnets in the mail to you 3 business days after that.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tastings proposal

Tastings sent me their proposal today. It looks great! Of course, I have a few things I'd like to swap around, but Paul and I will talk about that tonight... Stay tuned for some teaser menu items...


I got confirmation that Friday evening, 8/31 is free at the Arabian Horse Inn for a rehearsal. So everyone will get to see it the night before the wedding and we can determine where we'll all sit, stand, walk, party, pet the horses, whatever. So that's good... Then the rehearsal dinner will be at Bullfinchs. I just need to send them a deposit.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Things we're waiting for

-- Proposal from Tastings Caterer
-- Proposal from Currier & Chives Caterer
-- Color swatches for bridesmaids' dresses from Maggie Flood (we're not locked in yet, I just wanted to get this started so we can decide where to get the bridesmaids' dresses)

When we get the caterer proposals and decide on which one to go with, I'll know if we need a florist or not (C&C has their own, which I'd be happy to work with). If we go with Tastings, I'm really thinking Joan at the Inn would be a great florist, but I'd want to see her pictures again -- she has a few good albums.

And when we get the bridesmaids' dresses settled, I can take the color we decide on and work on things like the placecard holders (I'm making the frames for them and then those frames will be favors, too), napkin weights (we're incorporating our backyard into this -- for those of you who've seen our backyard...), invitations (which we'll be making).

Maggie Flood

Maggie and I never made it to Special Event. As she zipped me into my 14th dress (or something like that) at Maggie Flood, I called Special Event and told them I'd have to reschedule.

Maggie Flood is great. The two women we met with (spend nearly 4 hours with) on Saturday afternoon are the ones who make all the dresses on-premise. They charge you a set amount, but that includes all the fittings and alterations. Basically, they build the dress you want. I tried on so many because I was looking for elements and then I'd be able to put it all together in whatever way I wanted.

I can't describe the dresses for obvious reasons on this blog, but I can say I found two there that I really liked and one got a much bigger reaction than the other one.

Maggie and I were both struck at how cool and how wonderful these two women were at Maggie Flood. We'd both love to do business there for our dresses for the wedding.

Just need to see a few more places to make sure I'm not missing out on anything. I'd hate for a rock to be unturned, as it were. And I have to reschedule that Special Event appointment, because I've also heard good things about them.