Friday, March 16, 2007

Save the Date magnets

I've gotten a few compliments on these, which I appreciate. "Very professional" said my dad. Thanks, Pop!

Sorry it took me way too long to post an image of it. People who need to know already have them, although a few misdirects were bounced back to me. I'll correct this asap.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Michael's craft show

It's not a true bridal show, but Michael's is apparently spreading the creative wedding-related love with a craft day on April 1. I'm so there.


We were in Austin from Friday to Tuesday and it just so happens that there was a bridal show that day in the very same convention center where the geeky SXSW Interactive conference was taking place. So I skipped out on 2 sessions and partook.

Then I thought, I really need one of these for MY area (Austin sounds like Boston to a lot of people until you repeat it with an exaggerated B). Upon searching, all the bridal shows (or 99% of them) for the Boston (even the MA/NH/RI area) take place in January and February. It's a bridal bummer. But I found a few shows that list their vendors, which, frankly, is what I really need. So maybe I'm not as out of luck as I thought I was.

Not a bad bunny idea...

It's been 9 days since I posted (I feel like I'm in confession). I'm blaming our weeklong 2-conference trip to Vegas and Austin and me with no computer!

So Vikki, a fellow bride-to-be, posted to our request for bunny ideas during the wedding and she made me think that maybe they'd be wicked fun for the kids. So I'll think about having them in some sort of enclosure on the lawn. Could make for some cute pictures, too...