Thursday, October 25, 2007

Will you miss Paris?

Paul asked me this question on Honeymoon Day 5, I think. We had just sort of gotten lost and wandered around some little street that we thought wouldn't lead anywhere at all and come across a huge, old, beautiful church with an oddly modern sculpture in the courtyard in front of it.

My answer then, as it is now that I think back on the magical location of the first week of our honeymoon, is that I miss the surprises of such an old, sprawling city. Because you literally turn a corner, walk down some teeny alleyway, down some old steps linking two people's backyards (such as they are in a city) and you'll find yourself humbled by a centuries-old cathedral or palace that wasn't on the map you were trying to follow or in any of the guidebooks. It's just there right in front of you, looming and reminding you of history and architecture like people don't build anymore, adorned with gargoyles or tiny latticework.

I do miss the discovery. But it makes me look forward to traveling the world with Paul even more. Traveling has always been a dream of his that I've wanted to help fulfill, but, as happens when you truly love someone and devote yourself to their happiness, I've found that his dreams are becoming mine, too. His wanderlust is now mine. Which works out quite nicely, considering we're bound together now. And what a happy bind we're in, too!