Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yes, Brett...

...I made all that. ;-) And the save-the-date cards, too.

Guest books

Instead of one guest book, we've decided to go with a book per table. They're all different, but here's one example:


This is a shot of the bottom of the centerpiece. A flat glass bowl will sit on top of it (with floating flowers inside the bowl):

Then this will hide underneath:

One person at each table will have first dibs on taking these home (because what are we going to do with 8 of each?!). I'll figure out how to designate that person later.

Slow progress

Where have we been? Busy, that's where.

It's amazing how it takes 2 weeks to even get enough time together to discuss which envelopes we want for our invitations, but such is our life right now. We've settled on the seed paper. It's more us and worth the extra money. Now to figure out how to let people know they can plant it!

I've also been spending oodles of time not only on the road but in my craft room. Making good progress on those centerpieces. Have to post pix of the guest books.

I went to PA for Sara's shower last weekend, which was a good change. Planning a wedding can get you pretty self-absorbed and it was such a refreshing break to think about Brett and Sara's wedding instead of mine for a few days! Of course, my mom kept making the joke that we didn't consider the parents in our decision (well, Paul's and my decision) to get married a little over 2 months after my brother, but tough noogies, Mom. :-)

Pix of guest books and centerpieces coming soon...