Thursday, July 12, 2007

Extra invitations

If your invitations to your spa day with the girls, rehearsal dinner, bridal brunch, gift opening party, whatever, don't match your invitation stationery, you're supposed to send them separately. I wish I could tell you I thought that much ahead. The real story is that I couldn't be bothered with the extra invitations in June when I was making the invitations.

That, of course, means that at this point I'm pretty much in the "get them made and delivered and move on to other stuff" mode. They're cute, but not cut-out. They don't match the invites to the wedding and it seems that every person got another set of invites. For instance, only the bridal party and immediate family and the wedding helpers are going to be included in the rehearsal dinner (otherwise it would just turn into the pre-wedding reception), only the moms and bridal party are in for the spa day (before the rehearsal -- kind of like my ideal version of a bachlorette party, since I've never really been one to go clubbing and get wasted), and all out-of-towners are invited to the bridal brunch the morning after the wedding. The gift-opening party is just immediate family, basically, because who else would even want to watch us open gifts, if even they do?!

So I made my lists (it helps to be a hyper-organized type of personality when planning a wedding!) and printed them all out yesterday afternoon and stuffed each envelope last night. Why did I do that when I really have enough to worry about this weekend, what with the wedding shower in PA this coming Saturday? Well, that's why. I'd like to hand-deliver each of the invite envelopes at the shower. For those who won't be there on Saturday, they'll get the mailed version, which will go out sometime next week.

Let's call it not so much "not planning ahead," but rather "a touch of personal attention" -- delivering the extra invites a few weeks late. I guess that's kind of the normal timeline, I just wanted to do it asap so people could plan their hotel requests appropriately.