Saturday, March 3, 2007

What we're NOT going to do...

In "borrowing" ideas for our two ring bearer pillows, which I'm going to make, I came across these pix. None of the 4 bunnies will be carrying the rings down the aisle in the fashion of these dogs:

This big 'un looks just humiliated by the whole idea!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Has anyone gotten married in Metrowest and had a bagpiper at their ceremony? I'd like to get a good reference. I've looked online (can you believe there's a Durant McCurley who pipes? Trouble is he's 120 miles away...) a bit, just started tonight, actually. I have a card somewhere from some guy we saw playing at the King Richard's Faire... I heart Google. Off I go to do some more research!

Two become one

No, I'm not talking about how wonderfully romantic it is to join two lives in marriage (not right now, at least); I'm talking about the decision we made to forgo the cruise for our honeymoon. Two weeks in France (one of which in Paris) is the way we'll go, I believe. It gives us more flexibility as to when we can leave and return and also gives us a day after the wedding to open presents (should we get any!) and have a nice bridal brunch and then go see Buffett that night. So who knows when we'll leave...?

Speaking of "who knows," we're toying with the idea of booking the Paris hotel (through our vacation club), but then just winging it throughout the French countryside. Just get some little inn here or there... We like adventure. ;-) Not sure we'll do it just yet, but we're thinking about it.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Special stamps

It's amazing the details one has to (okay, okay, I choose to) adhere to when it comes to planning a wedding. (Thank goodness I didn't involve the usually detail-averse Paul in this decision. He just doesn't care about this stuff.) I just spent $121 on special love stamps. TG they're not more expensive bc they're cuter!

For the invitations and response cards, I got a few multipacks of Our Wedding stamps, which come 1/2 $.39 and half $.63, which the USPS says should suit invitation needs. We'll see. Just in case, I got a few books of Buckeye butterfly stamps, which should make up for the weight, not to mention go with the butterfly theme of the wedding. Oh, yeah, didn't I tell you? ;-)

Then, just for variety, I elected to get lovely $.39 Love: True Blue stamps for things like Save-the-Date "cards" and thank you notes.

Oy, I tell ya! Of course, if I didn't love this stuff, I could just slap on a few Ronald Reagan stamps and be done with it. (Jannine and Dad, I'm kidding. Really!)

Curious post to guestbook

Our guestbook got this comment yesterday:

Name Carrie
Date 02-25-2007
Message Do not go to David's Bridal! You will regret it. They are horrible.

Good luck to you and best wishes on your wedding!

I wonder if Carrie can expound, please? What was so horrible and which branch did you go to?

I am keeping in mind, however, that every store has at least one unhappy customer. But I'd still like details if I can get them...

First few days of married life

Saturday, Sept. 1, P and I get married. Which is reason enough to make the weekend amazing... But now, you see, we have finally procured Jimmy Buffett tickets -- a prize we've been after for a good long time now. So Sunday night, we're off to Foxboro. Being a huge Parrothead, I'm so grateful to finally have the opportunity to rub some of my Buffett love off on my soon-to-be-new husband! The fact that Buffett's only doing 4 shows this summer makes his 2 at Foxboro all the more special.

A special thanks to Matt Landry, who sold me the 2 tickets due to his getting better seats. A stand-up guy who made sure I wasn't a scalper before he agreed to sell me the tix.

Then Monday (or some other time that week) we're off to France for 2 weeks of honeymooning (one in Paris, one in the countryside somewhere). P's never been on a 2-week vacation in his life and I grew up with them, so that makes 2 things I'll share with him early on in our marriage.