Monday, February 26, 2007

First few days of married life

Saturday, Sept. 1, P and I get married. Which is reason enough to make the weekend amazing... But now, you see, we have finally procured Jimmy Buffett tickets -- a prize we've been after for a good long time now. So Sunday night, we're off to Foxboro. Being a huge Parrothead, I'm so grateful to finally have the opportunity to rub some of my Buffett love off on my soon-to-be-new husband! The fact that Buffett's only doing 4 shows this summer makes his 2 at Foxboro all the more special.

A special thanks to Matt Landry, who sold me the 2 tickets due to his getting better seats. A stand-up guy who made sure I wasn't a scalper before he agreed to sell me the tix.

Then Monday (or some other time that week) we're off to France for 2 weeks of honeymooning (one in Paris, one in the countryside somewhere). P's never been on a 2-week vacation in his life and I grew up with them, so that makes 2 things I'll share with him early on in our marriage.

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