Monday, February 26, 2007

Special stamps

It's amazing the details one has to (okay, okay, I choose to) adhere to when it comes to planning a wedding. (Thank goodness I didn't involve the usually detail-averse Paul in this decision. He just doesn't care about this stuff.) I just spent $121 on special love stamps. TG they're not more expensive bc they're cuter!

For the invitations and response cards, I got a few multipacks of Our Wedding stamps, which come 1/2 $.39 and half $.63, which the USPS says should suit invitation needs. We'll see. Just in case, I got a few books of Buckeye butterfly stamps, which should make up for the weight, not to mention go with the butterfly theme of the wedding. Oh, yeah, didn't I tell you? ;-)

Then, just for variety, I elected to get lovely $.39 Love: True Blue stamps for things like Save-the-Date "cards" and thank you notes.

Oy, I tell ya! Of course, if I didn't love this stuff, I could just slap on a few Ronald Reagan stamps and be done with it. (Jannine and Dad, I'm kidding. Really!)

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