Monday, February 26, 2007

Curious post to guestbook

Our guestbook got this comment yesterday:

Name Carrie
Date 02-25-2007
Message Do not go to David's Bridal! You will regret it. They are horrible.

Good luck to you and best wishes on your wedding!

I wonder if Carrie can expound, please? What was so horrible and which branch did you go to?

I am keeping in mind, however, that every store has at least one unhappy customer. But I'd still like details if I can get them...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

David's Bridal is chain-store and you will get chain-store service. This is not coming from just one incident at one location. I suggest you talk to other brides and/or bridesmaids that have gone to any David's Bridal. David's hires employees that do not have any experience in weddings at all, their "associates" are hired for entry level jobs. It is not their passion or even their career. Even more scary, is they hire seamstresses the same way. If you want to hear wedding horror stories ask around about David's. I know you do not know me and have no reason to trust me, but I came across your blog and from one bride to another, I wanted to offer some advice. If you do decide to go to David's I can only beg of you to go to a few other "local" bridal shops so you can see the difference. I can guarantee you feel much more comfortable in a place where you don't have to try on your dress in front of the entire store and can talk to a seamstress that has been doing wedding dresses for years. Lastly, David's will not make you feel like special bride you are.

Godo luck to you.