Thursday, March 1, 2007

Two become one

No, I'm not talking about how wonderfully romantic it is to join two lives in marriage (not right now, at least); I'm talking about the decision we made to forgo the cruise for our honeymoon. Two weeks in France (one of which in Paris) is the way we'll go, I believe. It gives us more flexibility as to when we can leave and return and also gives us a day after the wedding to open presents (should we get any!) and have a nice bridal brunch and then go see Buffett that night. So who knows when we'll leave...?

Speaking of "who knows," we're toying with the idea of booking the Paris hotel (through our vacation club), but then just winging it throughout the French countryside. Just get some little inn here or there... We like adventure. ;-) Not sure we'll do it just yet, but we're thinking about it.

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