Friday, March 4, 2011

Crib #2, baby-approved!

Today, Jannine sent me some great news -- Crib #2 is all done!!! She also emailed me pix of it, which substitutes the cherry for red oak and switches the walnut for the cherry/red oak in the pattern, compared to Crib #1. Take a gander at its beauty!

It just so happens that my parents had some friends over, who have recently adopted an adorable baby boy named Nouraiz. So, of course, the baby had to check the crib out to make sure it held up to baby expectations!

(Don't tell him there's a bear on his bum!)

The cribs will both arrive on Monday, delivered in person by my parents. They live 6 hours away, so this is nothing to sneeze at, but the cribs will be safe and they'll teach us how to set them up and move them properly. It'll be a good visit, but short, as my parents have to get home again to do all the things they've left undone in the several months they've been working their tails off making the cribs. They'll be back shortly after the babies are born to help out.

Weights of girls at 34 weeks

We went to the perinatologist yesterday (at 34 weeks gestation) and got the usual once-a-month ultrasound, which measures key parts of each baby. We find out every visit here how much they weigh.

So this week, Lillian weighs 4 lbs., 2 oz. And Blair weighs 4 lbs., 6 oz. They are each compared to the singleton growth chart (there isn't really one for twins, which grow just a little slower than singletons), so they matched up at 18% and 21%, respectively. That may sound like they're totally small for their gestation and -- OMG -- what can be done?! But in fact anything over 10% is considered normal. If they were compared to other twins, they'd be closer to about 30%, so still small, but not AS small.

We didn't get any pictures to share, because both Lillian and Blair, who is usually a ham for the ultrasound pictures, had their heads turned away yesterday. But the weight was something interesting to learn about.

We have another appointment in 2 weeks, if I haven't delivered them yet, and that will probably be our last perinatologist appointment.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crib #1

Jannine sent me a picture last night of crib #1. It's GORGEOUS!! Crib #2 will be the same idea, just a slightly different pattern with the 3 woods. Crib #1 woods are walnut (dark), cherry (reddish), and maple. Crib #2 will be constructed of walnut, red oak, and maple. The walnut is from a supply from Jannine's dad, my Grandpa, who has been gone from us for about 11 years now. So that's kinda special. My Grandpa and Dad are both, obviously, woodworkers.

Dad and Jannine made both of them by hand and we couldn't be more grateful. They are truly made with love (not to mention time, patience, talent, etc.). The cribs both convert to toddler beds (with three sides) and then to double beds, so the girls will be able to use them for years to come. We couldn't be more excited to welcome these particular pieces into our home. Truly beautiful heirlooms in the making!

Dad and Jannine will be coming this Sunday to deliver the cribs.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Totally ready to meet our girls

I'm 33w4d today and it's getting more and more "uncomfortable" (read: sometimes painful) to carry multiples. I still LOVE my big belly and I love feeling Lillian and Blair kick around in there, but there's almost no non-baby room left and sometimes their kicks aren't so much towards my belly as towards my ribs. Today, for instance, I've been on my laptop checking email and sitting slouched in my comfy chair. Well, the only place Lillian's feet fit anymore is right up in the right side of my rib cage. So there's this constant pressure there. Sometimes I push against her feet when they're lodged there, but I know there's really nowhere else for her to put them, so it's kind of futile.

The nursery is coming together slowly, as I can only do a bit each day before my back or my pelvis starts to hurt. But I have assembled (and played with) the Chicco playard, so I know where all the connectors/parts of the bassinet and changing table and activity arch go. It's really a marvel of engineering! There's even a corner unit that provides a night light, vibrations and music (with volume control!).

Over the course of a few days, I even decorated a trash can for the nursery with bunnies and little carrots on it. Paul and I also got curtains for that room and he put them up this past weekend, so that's all set. We just need a rug for the nursery and we'll be set. That and the cribs, which are arriving with my parents on Sunday. We simply cannot wait to see them!! All the love and hard work and looooooong hours that went into them will be appreciated every day the babies are in those cribs and afterward, when we convert the cribs to toddler and twin beds.

We have our now-weekly OB/midwife meeting tomorrow. And on Thursday we have another ultrasound with our perinatologist, when we see the girls again and find out how much they weigh now. We'll keep you posted. 4 weeks ago (when I was 30w pregnant), Lillian weighed 2 lb 13 oz and Blair weighed 3 lbs even.