Monday, March 26, 2007

Things we're waiting for

-- Proposal from Tastings Caterer
-- Proposal from Currier & Chives Caterer
-- Color swatches for bridesmaids' dresses from Maggie Flood (we're not locked in yet, I just wanted to get this started so we can decide where to get the bridesmaids' dresses)

When we get the caterer proposals and decide on which one to go with, I'll know if we need a florist or not (C&C has their own, which I'd be happy to work with). If we go with Tastings, I'm really thinking Joan at the Inn would be a great florist, but I'd want to see her pictures again -- she has a few good albums.

And when we get the bridesmaids' dresses settled, I can take the color we decide on and work on things like the placecard holders (I'm making the frames for them and then those frames will be favors, too), napkin weights (we're incorporating our backyard into this -- for those of you who've seen our backyard...), invitations (which we'll be making).

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