Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blogs and podcasts and weddings, oh my!, or Podcast #1

Not only are we blogging, we're podcasting about this wedding, too! We're so Web 2.0!

Paul and I talk about date, colors, location, engagement announcements, dress ideas, and outside venue possibilities.

Listen to our first wedding podcast!

Let us know if you have any ideas about what role the bunnies can play in our wedding! Did you have your animals in your wedding? Stories appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Hello fellow bride to be! Congrats on your wedding! A very special step in your life!
My friend has swans at her wedding an they just waddled around very beautiful!I am not so sure about letting bunnies wander around but it would be really cute if they where in an isolated area. Heres a useful web site for all wedding accessories needs. I was searching online for my another fellow bride and it looks like a useful site, basically is a wedding shopping mall so they probably have ways to incorporate animals.. heres the link I hope it helps!

Dana Gillin said...

Thanks, Vikki! I haven't seen that site yet. It's funny, but in all the browsing for wedding sites, there are so many out there that you never really see more than the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for referring me! And good luck on your wedding planning, too!