Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Engagement announcement in my hometown newspaper

I grew up near Philly -- in a town so small it didn't have a zip code, which is weird, bc it's 20 minutes from the city. It's called Maple Glen (still doesn't have its own zip code, even though it's expanded approximately 10,000% in population since my mom and dad bought the house over 35 years ago). Anyway, the zip code it "borrows" is from Ambler, the nearest "real" town. The Ambler Gazette was the paper I grew up with and so we'll put an announcement in there.

I was thinking we could recycle a picture that my mom took of us at a really nice restaurant in Boston (it's rare that Paul and I both look good in pictures; we both have a tendency to look like goofballs and not at all ourselves). I'm not sure that pic will look good in a newspaper, but I can try. I've asked my mom to look up the guidelines for the paper... more when I know more.

Tell us how many newspapers you put your announcment in.

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