Thursday, January 25, 2007

Resized and never coming off

On Monday afternoon, Paul and I walked to the jewelry store and dropped off my ring to get resized. Yesterday afternoon, I went to pick it up before going to pick up Leigha, who was in town for a few days for a company meeting. Leigha and Paul and I all had dinner after a quick house tour. Anyway, I walked out of the jewelry store $10 poorer, but with my diamond ring that fits like a glove. They got the gold, of course -- however much gold comes from resizing a size 7 ring to a size 4 3/4.

So now it's on and staying on. When I wash my hair, I'm particularly grateful it's not a big-rock solitaire. :-) My hair is very long and gets awfully tangly when it's being washed.

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