Friday, January 26, 2007

We've got an audience!

It was nice to see a little surge of traffic to the wedding blog yesterday, much of it coming from familiar domains (yes, we really watch this stuff!). Bloggers are fascinated by who's reading what they write, and I'm pleased to see so many friends have already signed on. Don't forget about RSS!

I noted wryly to Dana that traffic to the wedding blog yesterday was higher than traffic to my professional blog, which has been around for 18 months and which is #21,000 on Technorati. People are always more interested in personal stories than professional ramblings, I said. Start talking about sex and watch the traffic explode!

If you're checking in from TechTarget, I want to just say how great it was to see everybody at the editorial meeting the other day. It's frustrating sometimes, because I want to spend a half hour talking to each of you but we get, like, 30 seconds at best. The only thing I miss about company life is the people, so it is a treat whenever I get to see you.

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Dana Gillin said...

Don't tempt me, Love... you know I'll do it. ;-)

How cute is Paul that he said "like" like a teenager?!