Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Soft honeymoon plans

Paul suggested a very interesting honeymoon idea the other night. We both love the Caribbean and I've always wanted to go to Paris for my honeymoon (since I was about 2, I think; it may be the only traditional element of this wedding!). So P said, "Why not do both?" I said, "HUH?!"

We have these vacation clubs, see... And we were thinking (pre-proposal) that we'd take off on Labor Day weekend for a 4-day Disney cruise then head from Cape Canaveral right to Paris for the rest of the 2 weeks. Paul's never in his life had a 2-week vacation and I grew up on them and tout their delights loudly, so he's looking forward to it. We can use our Disney Vacation Club points for the cruise and our Sol Melia Vacation Club points for Paris.

Anyway, I'm in charge of the wedding and he's in charge of the honeymoon. I think that's a fair deal!

Tell us about your honeymoon destination(s)!

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