Friday, January 26, 2007


Amy said she wanted to see some dress ideas on this blog. Sorry, girl! Haven't even started to look online yet. Right now I'm at the "pulling pages out of Brides magazine" stage.

Liz had a good idea -- I'm going to get an accordian file folder so I can organize the pages.

Maggie and I are going tomorrow to Borders to spend the gift card Brett gave me for Christmas (Thanks, B!) on a wedding planning book. By the time Paul and I come back from our romantic ski getaway, I'll be all set to dive in. As if I've been sitting around on my bum all week.

In the week we've been engaged, we've gotten a lot decided, I think. Now to just get out there and look for dresses, venues, florists, caterers, etc... TG I love details!

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