Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Currier & Chives

Yesterday afternoon, Paul and I had a good time meeting with Anne Wilkes of Currier & Chives. It's part of a corporation (a holdings company), pure and simple, but Anne was great. We had some chicken, some teriyaki steak on skewers, some mustard salmon, pear and gruyere tartlets, and some other goodies. We also tasted some cheesecakes. All in all, it was a good experience. She's putting together a proposal for us, as is Sue at Tastings. We'll compare the two caterers and see where we end up. We're leaning a certain way right now, but we'll see what we get as far as proposals.

We think the Tastings presentation was more creative (they had a few photo albums that she showed us), but Currier and Chives had very scrumptuous food. We think both Sue and Anne would really be wonderful. It's almost like we can't go wrong at this point.

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