Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Secret #1

You blog readers will know something the other guests won't until they get to the wedding on 9/1... stay tuned for more secrets revealed in this blog!

There will be a craft table for kids with games, prizes, and paint. We'll try to provide old t-shirts or something that don't mind being painted on (since when has a t-shirt minded being painted on!?) that the kids can wear for their craft time if they want to -- or if their parents do!

One activity: painting stained "glass" (really plastic, no worries) butterfly and assorted bug window ornaments that the kids can take home with them. We'll even provide suction cups so you don't have to.

Coloring books and such will also be provided at the craft table, as will other games and prizes and fun stuff.

I'm talking to the caterers about kid-specific food, since our guest list has almost 15 kids of assorted ages who won't necessarily go for the fancier "adult" food. Among these will be fruit juice pops for the little ones (I'm expecting the day to be pretty warm).

I'll continue to think up fun stuff for the kids to do. I probably won't post all of it here, as some secrets will only be revealed at the wedding (and on this blog after it).

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