Wednesday, March 21, 2007

There IS a free dinner!

Going to two caterer meetings this week, it struck me that there's a wonderful scam hidden here: If you can pretend you're getting married and can make a few convincing phone calls to caterers, you can enjoy a delicious free dinner once a week for, oh, six or eight weeks!

Seriously, the spread at Currier & Chives yesterday was wonderful. If I hadn't had a scheduled dinner with my son that evening, I woulda chowed down and not needed dinner. The moo-shi duck and beef yakitori were appetizer highlights and the salmon baked in mustard and maple syrup was to die for. I could have seriously done another 1,000 calories.

But this isn't a scam, folks. We're seriously getting married. This is research.
(OW! Dana, don't hit me! It hurts!)

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