Friday, March 23, 2007

Florist possibilities

The next big thing to research and decide on is florists. I'm saying this, of course, as I'm waiting for proposals from both Tastings and Currier and Chives. If we go with C&C, they have an in-house florist. So that may be a non-issue. Both Tastings and C&C do cheesecakes, BTW, so that's already a non-issue. We decided a while ago that we weren't going to go with either Joan and Ed's or Cheesecake Factory because then we'd have to worry about getting them transported and decorated.

So Joan at the Inn suggested Frugal Flower the other day when I was hanging out with her... So I looked at their site a bit and then shot Joan an email asking her if she's ever had them there for weddings before. She wrote me back just now saying she had a lot of times and they were great, but that she does flowers better. Good to know! So I told her what I had in mind for flowers and where I think we can get really creative and asked her to come up with a quote for me. I know Joan will be willing to talk about any possibilities and I love working with her already, so I think that would work out great, if she comes within our budget range for flowers.

So now it's a waiting game. For Tastings, for Currier and Chives, for Joan's flower quote.

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