Monday, October 15, 2007

Very nice comments from Peggy

Our friend Peggy said the following wonderful things to us about the wedding (published w/ permission):

It was absolutely the most fun wedding I've been to...ever.

Usually I go to weddings worrying before we even get there that we'll be "trapped until cake"...but you put the timeline for the entire day on your blog so I knew ahead of time exactly when the cake would be.

Sounds silly, but it helped me relax and really enjoy the day without wondering when we'd be leaving.

You should be a wedding planner. It was an amazing day for all your guests!!!


The thing that struck me most, telling people about your wedding afterwards, was how you made guests really feel like they were part of the celebration, not just attending a celebration.

Other things I loved:

The art projects for the kids, the carrots for the horses -- did you know the kids stole all the carrots off the shrimp table and fed them to the horses? (Yup. Turns out horses don't like celery.) Watching the kids play ball in the grass with the puppy, the dog that wandered in for a minute, the music, the cheesecake bar, the food, the homemade beer and was a dream wedding.


Jeff said he felt like he knew you, even though he'd never met you before. He's really organized and felt a kindred spirit from reading the blog. It's probably why he took over RSVPing. He's pretty conservative but I think he told your father he was in love with you. And he hadn't met you yet.

Your blog let us get to know your family before the wedding so when we met them (we met in the elevator and followed them to the wedding), we felt like we already knew them.

Thanks, Peggy! We're so glad you had so much fun! I think your comment about the timeline is especially interesting -- and probably relevant to other brides. There's a fine line between giving guests an idea of what to expect and ruining the surprises, but if you give guests just a clue, they'll usually appreciate it.

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