Thursday, October 18, 2007

Driving in France

I concur with everything Paul said about the driving on our honeymoon. We remarked more than once about how surprised we were that there wasn't an accident every 5 miles. This applied mainly to the highways, which we learned to steer as clear of as we could, but also to the more country roads. I don't mind fast driving, if people are smart about it. But these people were just bad.

As is usually the case, I did all the driving (I get motion sick pretty easily). At times I was grateful Paul wasn't driving so he didn't have to pay attention so much to the other people on the road. With about 600 miles traversed in our second week there, most of that on back country Burgundy roads, we were only too happy to return our faithful (and surprisingly roomy) VW Golf at the airport on our last day. At least it was fun to drive -- I love stick shifts!

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