Monday, August 27, 2007

We're not the only ones getting married

Yesterday, Paul and I went to a wedding party -- kind of a reception for a ceremony that happened about 5 months ago. It was lots of fun and low-key. Colleen and Sergio are obviously very happy together, which was nice to see, even though we've seen them quite a few times this.

It was funny how Paul and I turned into celebrities, getting married 6 days from then (5 and counting now). People wanted to know about the wedding, the honeymoon, us. It was all very cute.

But the women, especially, all seemed surprised how calm I am, considering I'm a week away. They all expected me, I think, to be running around frazzled. I honestly don't have a lot to do this week until Thursday when I go shopping for dinner for 10 people. Pick up my dress, have a final catering meeting, that's about it.

I'm not-so-secretly wondering what I'm forgetting, of course... But at this point, I suppose, it'll only be Paul and I that realize we forgot anything if we have. I think we're pretty well set. Thank God for that organization gene I seem to have inherited!

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