Monday, August 27, 2007


Many of you don't know this, but Paul and I had planned on having quite a big party this year way before we got engaged... See, on Wednesday, my wonderful fiance turns 50 years old. And for exactly one week every year, I can make cradle-robbing jokes to him, as he's 21 years older than I am instead of 20. It's always a good week, but I'm running out of jokes, so if you can think of any, comment and share!

Then, next Wednesday, when we touch down in Paris, I'll turn 30. We just managed to slip that wedding into my 20s, didn't we? It'll be an exhausting, jet-lagged day, but then again, Paul and I won't even see each other on his birthday, as he's keynoting a conference in Colorado this week (I'm so jealous -- I wanna go with him! He's staying at the Broadmoor!). This year, even though they're big birthdays, we have to put off celebrating pretty much both of them. Good thing we have that huge party between them to console each other with!

So don't be surprised, those of you who can attend the wedding, to hear a birthday song in the playlist around cake-cutting time.

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