Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yesterday's excitement

It was rainy and kinda junky out, but we had planned on a trip to the Bank of America Championship golf tournament yesterday and the rain had let up by when we wanted to go, so we took a chance on the weather and headed to Concord. And aren't we glad we did! Lunch was great (Thanks, Spire!), the weather even cleared up, and we got a golf lesson from Tom Kite.

Now, I know what you're thinking (if you know me)... "Dana, you don't play golf." And you'd be right. I went for the cultural experience and because it was different and I had no idea what I was getting into -- all good things in my book.

Now, after Tom gave his talk and lesson, there was a raffle of some pretty nifty prizes. A consultation and flower arrangements by some fancy florist (when they were reading that one, I said to Paul, "Watch, we'll win that one and we won't be able to use it!" because we already have Joan doing our flowers), a sommelier for an evening, and a few others. They came to the 2nd to last prize, 4 admission tickets to the DeutscheBank Championship over Labor Day weekend. You guessed it. I won. So we're going to go hit the links on Labor Day then head to the Sox game that night. Monday, the day we're going to attend, is the last day of the tournament, so the finalists will all be playing... We think Tiger's even going to be there.

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