Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pens and envelopes arrived

The blue pens for the word finds and the envelopes for the invitations arrived this week. So once I figure out how to print on the handmade envelopes, I can mail the invitations. I love how you can plant these envelopes and watch wildflowers grow! I'll be including the instructions that came with the envelopes.

Maybe after I send the invites, I'll post pix of them on this site. So you can see what Paul was raving about.

And once I have Paul and Maggie and Liz and my mom check the word find I made, I can roll them up and we'll be all set.

Then for decorating the flower girl basket and making all the frames. We're ahead of schedule in many ways, so getting away this weekend to attend Brett and Sara's wedding will be just what the doctor ordered for THIS engaged couple! It'll be nice to focus on Sara and Brett for a few days and get my head out of my own preparations.

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