Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flower girl basket -- check; stuffing invitation envelopes -- check

It seems I'm ticking things off our To Do list these days pretty efficiently. Last night, I decorated the flower girl basket (pic to come) and finished the word find rolls and stuffed the invitation envelopes.

Printing the addresses on the envelopes proved kinda tricky, seeing as how they're handmade (not by me personally) and thick. I did that yesterday, too.

Tonight I'll affix the little note about planting the envelopes (yes, they're made out of seed paper) inside the envelope and the stamps and maybe start on the wax seals if I have time.

The invites will definitely be in the mail on July 1. Or, rather, since that's a Sunday, probably by June 30, which is this Saturday. I'm pleased that I met this goal, considering all the work the invitations took. It was a tremendous amount of time, but it was very fun! I'm glad we went the homemade route and that I had enough time to do this.

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