Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Videographer chosen

I used Craigslist to list the videographer gig for our wedding. I got a few good responses, but eventually landed on a delightful person named Julie Hathaway Spilka. She posted a few vids on YouTube for me to watch. Now for the coincidences...

  • One of the vids she posted for me was shot at Penn State, my alma mater. She even captured the lion shrine in the beginning, which was wonderful. That was her best friend's wedding.

  • The second vid she posted was her own wedding. Julie teaches videography production at a public high school in the area and had her students film her video. She edited the montage, I think. Julie's new husband, Dan, works at TechTarget, where Paul and I used to work.

So, welcome to the madness, Julie!

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