Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Relief and excitement

Maggie, Joe and I went to Maggie Flood today. They don't have the color swatches in that we ordered quite yet, but they were willing to talk "Dana's dream wedding gown." When it was all said and done, I picked out "fabric" and put down 50% of the total. It's done. Ordered. It's been living in my head for over 2 weeks now, so it's a relief to share the image with other people, especially since those other people will be creating the gown... I can't divulge details, bc Paul's being a stickler about not knowing anything about it until he sees it, but it's going to be a gorgeous dress. I can tell you that it's a different version (again, fabric) of a knockoff of a VW gown that Maggie Flood made apparently a few years ago, because it's nowhere to be found on the Internet or on the VW site. These women are amazing -- they just saw a picture and created this beautiful dress, which I tried on and proceeded to use to then dream up a "Dana special."

No details, but I can tell you it's white. ;-)

I can't thank Maggie and Joe enough for humoring me these last few weeks and going to "another dress store," as Joe keeps reminding us. I was hunting for a dream and the dresses I saw all fueled the creativity fires in my head. What I'll end up with won't only be a dream gown, but my specific dream gown -- literally; I've been dreaming about it. And the patience of Maggie and Joe (Maggie's patience totalled about 10 hours in this one task alone), not to mention Maggie's astute fashion sense in this area, allowed me to flit and flutter and then focus. Thank you!

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