Friday, February 2, 2007

The girls -- quite a team!

We had our first bridal party call and here it is.

We discuss things for Alice to do (Paul's daughter) during the ceremony and reception, wedding gown style, desired venue quality, length of the party, date for the bridal shower (since it's going to be in PA, Maggie and I need to make a planned road trip so it won't be a surprise), colors for the wedding and the dresses, procedure for getting Liz and Leigha their dresses, shoes for the bridal party, bridal gown train lengths, cost-cutting measures for my ladies, undergarments for the wedding gown, next steps.

In editing the podcast, I realize I sort of overtook the convo... Sorry, ladies! I'll do better next time... I don't wanna be Bridezilla. ;-) The little kid voice you hear towards the end is Joe, who was eating lunch at the time of the call.

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