Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Girls' Heartbeats

One of the great things about having four non-stress tests for the girls in the span on 26 hours in the hospital is that we got to hear their heartbeats a lot -- something that never gets old. This is true especially when the steady, just-the-right-tempo tells you that despite being in the hospital and worrying sick about them, they're doing just fine.

Paul even got to fall asleep to the sound of their heartbeats on Monday night, as he slept in the 2nd bed in our hospital room. I, however, couldn't move during the tests (the monitors are precariously positioned and would slip off the area of my tummy right above each girl's heart if I moved), so I just lay there enthralled at my girls' sounds.

Here is the recording I took on one of the Tuesday afternoon tests. The loud thumps are the girls (mainly Lillian) kicking the monitors. They're both pretty good kickers, but Lillian is definitely the more riley of the two so far.

Their hearts are pretty much in synch, except when they're not and it sounds like cacophony! But one suggestion of comparison is racing hoofbeats. I like that one. What do you think it sounds like?

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