Friday, December 19, 2008

OMG! OMG! OMG! We're going to see Al Gore!

I just bought tickets to see Al Gore speak at Boston's Wang Theater on March 30, 2009, which is, incidentally, the night before his birthday! But he's giving the bday present to US! I've been waiting just YEARS!!!! to see Al speak. I'm so excited I can barely type!

Only slightly less exciting (and only because we've seen him before in concert) is our upcoming Harry Connick, Jr. holiday concert this Sunday night, which I got last-minute tix to. I'm a bundle of anticipation!!!

Harry AND Al! I just can't wait!!! (Only have 2 days to go for Harry!)

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Anonymous said...

Tooo Cool Dana! OMG! I think this is sooo funny! I hit your site a year before we actually met! Look back and take a look at what I wrote! I'm up late on Claratin. Great to see you today. Fill me in more on the Gore tix. xo, Laura