Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Those were some Amazing Butterflies

So, the word is clearly out (an old friend of Paul's contacted him through Facebook today and heard that we had released butterflies at our wedding. Here's Glenn's comment: "I'm still great friends with Rich and he told me about the butterflies at your wedding. I thought, 'that's the coolest wedding thing I've ever heard.' I want to read about the guy who runs that business."

So thanks to Amazing Butterflies for their 9 dozen monarchs, each individually wrapped and specially packed with cooler packs so that the butterflies stayed cool. They arrived the day before our wedding, as they should have, and the release happened just after Paul and I kissed for the first time as a married couple.

Thanks to Amy, our butterfly attendant, who carefully placed a box under each seat so the little critters would be awake and ready to fly when the ceremony ended.

The butterfly release was probably the most talked-about moment of the wedding to us so far. Sam Whitmore even blogged about it right after the wedding. Everyone seemed to just love it. I'm glad I found Amazing Butterflies (about 2 years prior to the wedding, BTW) and they did an amazing job for us.

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