Monday, July 16, 2007

What a weekend!

Paul, Alice, Ryan and I went down to Pennsylvania this weekend because Paul's and my shower was on Saturday at Scott and Liz's house. Liz, Maggie, Jannine and my mom did such a great job of making the party special -- from little pina colada-flavored wedding bell candies to printing out pictures of us and hanging them from windows with ribbon to making such a wonderful spread of food (it really was the talk of the party!). Maggie picked up her mom on the way down, and so Maria came from CT for the shower. It was just a really wonderful gathering of family, both actual and adopted.

The party had special significance to Paul and me, as it turned out, because on Thursday evening we found a new respect for life (specifically mine). Let's just say getting a new car is a more immediate concern than it was last Wednesday. I'm was in the car alone and I'm fine -- a few scratches and bruises -- but I was extremely lucky on many fronts.

At any rate, it was a wonderful party and a great time with family. Thanks to everyone who came and made us feel so special and loved. It really touched our hearts.

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