Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Word find

I'm often torn between revealing too much in this blog so as not to have any surprises on 9/1 for the guests and wanting to share everything I'm doing.

I'll give it up this time.

I have created a word find with 75 words pertaining to our life together. Trips, hobbies, interests, you name it. Of course, there are also a fair share of wedding words that can really be used by anyone getting married. The leftover letters spell a message to our guests.

I've printed out the word finds on regular paper, which I'll roll up, tie with a ribbon and stand up in a tall glass or vase I have yet to buy. One bunch per table.

When providing things to write on, you must provide something to write with, so we've ordered 100 pens inscribed with our names and wedding date. These will, I think, be hung inside each word find. We'll have extras, as the guest list is right around 100, including kids.

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