Monday, June 4, 2007

Monthly subscription of printer ink, anyone?

Me, me! Over here!

Today's printing project is the RSVP cards that will be included in the invitations. Inserts won't be the fun part of making them!

Next, I think, hotel info. Or maybe the map cards?

And when do we send out the agenda for the weekend? With the invites? Oh, we'll figure it out... in the meantime, this stuff swims around my head at 3:00 a.m.

Oh, and the $140 worth of pretty love/wedding stamps that I bought a few months ago? You guessed it, kinda worthless now that they upped the postage. I don't think I want to mess up the whole aesthetic of the envelope by adding additional postage. So I guess I have to go talk to the post office to see if they can exchange my $.39 stamps for pretty lovey $.41 stamps.

It's still fun, though...

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