Monday, May 7, 2007


I totally forgot to post when we bought the wedding rings, which was April 28. They're great, but I won't post pictures quite yet... Seeing them is part of the fun of the wedding, no? We got them at Hannoush Jewelers in the Natick Mall. We believe in helping out the stores that are sticking around through the huge construction project they're doing there. Most of the old stores in the original mall are closed or having great sales to keep what few people there are trolling the malls these days to get into their stores. "They" keep promising the new Natick Collection (what they're calling the new mall after just "Natick" bumped into loads of issues with the actual town) will open in Sept. 2007.

Anyway, the rings are purchased and they'll get resized in July and engraved in August.

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