Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another day, another bridal shop

So I'm done with bridal shops. Maggie and I were bombarded by the same question ("When's your wedding?") about 7 times from 3 women today at Special Event Bridal Shop and when we said "September 1st," their only, repetitive comment was "Ohhh... that's soon!" People (my sister-in-law and my stepmom) have MUCH shorter engagements than even 5 months (which is what we're down to now), so I don't want to hear "Ohhh... that's soon!" from anyone. I'll pick out my dress in my own time, thank you very much, without the comments from the peanut gallery.

The shop, even though we had an appointment, was rushed and all I felt in the air was commerce. The owner wasn't all that friendly and only when we put our coats on to get out of Dodge did one of the women ask what we were looking for and pulled out a possibility from a rack (read: wall) of dresses that I hadn't seen. Where was she 20 minutes earlier? Anyway, I tried on the dress, which had a very nice element to it, but kept comparing things to the dress I saw (and have since "improved" in my own mind) at Maggie Flood's a few weeks ago. So it's back to them to see if I can alter the design to be "my perfect gown" and get the color swatches for the bridesmaids' dresses.

Maggie and I are off to David's tomorrow (we have an appointment set from our first visit there) to see if we can find dresses (or at least colors) for Liz and Leigha. Then, hopefully, they can pick out their own favorite styles in their local David's and voila! We'll have some bridesmaids' dresses. Maggie and I will get ours at Maggie Flood, I think.

The hierarchy of service at the three shops I went to:
  1. Maggie Flood (they were WONDERFUL)
  2. David's (believe it or not, the service we got there was pretty damn good)
  3. Special Event (ah... not so much)

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