Thursday, February 8, 2007

Tower Hill -- out

We went yesterday to see the place. It was beautiful. But the events coordinator there still hadn't returned my email from Saturday. "Maybe she's on vacation," I thought. So I email her again this morning and get a call from her about noon. When I ask if Sept. 1 is open she gives me a snooty "Ha! This year?!" I thought I heard something about no snoots. Tower Hill's out. They can keep their gorgeous Orangerie and we'll keep our $4800. Yup, just for the pleasure of renting the space for 5 hours. I think we'll do better things with our money, actually...

I said to Paul this afternoon, "What's really important about that day? It's that we can celebrate with our friends and family, not to spend a whole lot of money for the pleasure of having it in the prettiest place around. It's not worth the money." Sometimes I think he loves me a little bit more when I'm a cheapskate like he is... ;-)

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